English expressions : Abilities & mental faculties


Do you know those 10 expressions in relation to: Abilities & mental faculties?

1 You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover! > You should take time to have an opinion

2 You will soon get the hang of it! > You will soon understand how things work

3 He knows his stuff! > He is very competent

4 This is right up my alley! > This is something I can do and I like it

5 The penny’s dropped! > I have just understood…

6 Practice makes perfect! > The more you practise, the better you are at something

7 My memory is failing me! > I can’t remember something

8 It’s double Dutch to me!> I really do not understand anything

9 We should try to think out of the box > We should use our imagination

10 Perhaps that « ignorance is bliss » > If you are ignorant you might be happier

How many of them did you know?

Next time, 10 more expressions on another theme.



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